May 28th: Another game with my favorite and local soccer/football team/club, Shimizu S-Pulse with a home game for the J1 League home game against very strong Yokohama F Marinos!

Once again took the special limousine bus sponsored by Shizutetsu Company (600 yen single way) across from Shizuoka Railway Station north exit!
One young Westerner and his whole family had joined the queue!

Thanks to the heavy rain the day before we had an unusually clear view of Mount Fuji!

Incidentally, on the way to my seat I noticed that the Stadium was very wheelchair user-friendly with fully equipped washroom!

With a slope leading down to priority seats!

The home fan stand was full well before kick off!

The Yokohama F Marinos were supported by very noisy fans!

Teams warming up!

Cheerleaders warming the fans!

The teams’ entrance1

One last picture with the kids!

Kick off by Yokohama F Marinos at 14:03

2′ Great through pass by Duke breaking Marinos left flank.
4′ Corner kick for S-Pulse. Great heading barely over the bar!
6′ Corner kick for Marinos. Well cleared.
8′ Ambitious shot from 45 meters by S-Pulse missing the goal by far.
12′ Free kick 30 meters from the box for Marinos. Inconclusive.
13′ Dangerous attack on left flank by S-Pulse.
14′ S-Pulse playing inside a hanfdkerchief again.
17′ GOAL! S-Pulse 0 Marinos 1
S-Pulse defense gives away soft goal well taken by K. Matsubara slotting the ball inside the far post.
19′ Heavy pressure by Marinos. Free kick 27 meters from S-Pulse goal. Very dangerous! Barely cleared off into corner kick.

21′ Corner kick for Marinos. Inconclusive.
26′ Three successive close-range shots saved by Marinos goal keeper!
27′ Hugo Vieira substitutes for S. Ito fro Marinos.
29′ Shot barely carded by S-Pulse goal keeper!
35′ T. Kanai of Marinos yellow carded for foul on Duke.
Shot wide over bar by S-Pulse.
37′ Heavy pressure by S-Pulse.
39′ Persistent Duke wins a dangerous free kick just outside the box for S-Pulse. Wasted away.
40′ S-Pulse cross shot barely cleared into corner kick.
Corner kick again for S-Pulse. Inconclusive.
43′ Corner kick for S-PUlse. Inconclusive.
45′ Dangerous cross by Marinos.
45′ + 1′ Free kick for S-Pulse 38 meters from goal. Head barely over the bar!
45′ + 2′ Dangerous shot form center outside the box ably parried by S-Pulse keeper.

Half Time score: Shimizu S-Pulse 0 Yokohama F Marinos 1

Poor finishing cost the lead to S-Pulse who had more close-range shots at goal than Marinos (4-1) whereas marinos clinically took their rare chance.
S-Pulse playing in a handkerchief as usual. General lack of speed.
Will have to think things over through the break!

46′ All 4 S-Pulse foreign players first back onto the pitch!
S-Pulse starts the game with a big defense blunder forcing the keeper to parry in a hurry!
47′ Dangerous center by Marinos headed ove rthe bar!
48′ S-Pulse Duke’s shot over the bar!
50′ GOAL Shimizu S-Pulse 1 Yokohama F Marinos 1
Fast center cross resulting into a 2-1 situation well exploited by Ryohei Shirasaki assisted by Tae Se.
52′ GOAL! Shimizu S-Pulse 1 Yokohama F Marinos 2
Another blunder by the S-Pulse gives away a soft goal to Hugo Vieira assisted by Q. Martinus.
54′ Corner kick for S-Pulse parried away by keeper. Poor finishing wasting the chance.
57′ Heavy pressure by S-Pulse with a dangerous cross.
58′ Dangerous free kick by Thiago Alves barely saved by Marinos keeper. Corner inconclusive.
64′ S-Pulse head coach Kobayashi in danger of being thrown out of game for dissent!
65′ dangerous cross by Duke barely parried into corner kick by Marinos keeper.
Center cross by Thiago Alves, b\headed just over the bar!
67′ Heavy pressure by S-Pulse held away by Marinos keeper.
69′ Yuzo Kurihara substitutes N. Maeda for Marinos.
Koya Kitagawa substitutes S. Kamata for S-Pulse.

70′ Marinos content to defend their goal.
72′ Very dangerous cross by Marinos rolling in front of S-Pulse goal!
Another dangerous move ending in Marinos shooting just past the near post.
73′ S-Pulse obtains a corner kick.
74′ S-Pulse Ryohei Shrasaki showed a yellow card.
76′ Corner kick for S-Pulse.
77′ Very poor finishing by S-Pulse frustrates their fans!
78′ Dangerous center cross by Marinos sailing in front of S-Pulse goal!
78′ G. Notsuda substitues Mitchell Duke.
78′ Marinos goal keeper shown the yellow card.
80′ Marinos center cross well caught by S-Pulse goalkeeper.
82′ S-Pulse running out of ideas…
83′ Dangerous cross by S-Pulse.
84′ Increasingly bad-tempered game.
85′ Very poor shot by S-Pulse harmlessly sailing over the bar.
88′ S-Pulse shot over the bar!
89′ Shota Kaneko substitutes Mitsunari Musaka for S-Pulse.
R. Yamanaka substitues Takashi Kanai for Marinos.
90′ Confusion in front of Marinos goal!
90′ + 2′ S-Pulse heading just past left post!
90′ + 4′ GOAL! S-Pulse 1 Marinos 3
Hugo Vieiramurders S-Pulse with a right footed shot from the center of the box to the bottom left corner, assisted by Takahiro Ogihara following a fast break leaving S-Pulse goal undefended.

Full time: Shimizu S-Pulse 1 Yokohama F Marinos 3

Poor finishing definitely cost the game for S-Pulse who had 3 times as many chances as Marinos woho took theirs clinically showing the difference in approach, strategy and execution!

A game to forget and let’s concentrate onto he next game against FC Tokyo next Sunday at home!


13 Y. Rokutan
44 Freire
5 S.Kamata
45 M. Kakuda
25 Ko Matsubara
20 Ryo Takeuchi
7 Mitsunari Musaka
10 Ryohei Shirasaki
8 Tiago
19 M. Duke
9 Tae-Se Jong

23 Koya Kitagawa for 5 S. Kamata 69′
14 G. Notsuda for 19 Mitchell Duke. 78′
30 Shota Kaneko for 7 Mitsunari Musaka 89′

Coach: S. Kobayashi


21 Hiroki Iikura
27 K. Matsubara
13 Takashi Kanai
22 Y. Nakazawa
34 M. Degenek
14 Jun Amano
5 T. Kida
6 Takahiro Ogihara
20 Q. Martinus
25 N. Maeda
16 S. Ito

7 Hugo Vieira for16 S. Ito 27′
4 Yuzo Kurihara for 25 N. Maeda 69′
R. Yamanaka for Takashi Kanai 89′

Coach: Erick Mombaerts


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