SHIMIZU S-PULSE: vs SANGA TOSU (May, 14th, 2017)

May 14th: Another game with my favorite and local soccer/football team/club, Shimizu S-Pulse with a home game for the J1 League home game against Sanga Tosu (Saga Prefecture, Kyushu Island)!

Once again took the special limousine bus sponsored by Shizutetsu Company (600 yen single way) across from Shizuoka Railway Station north exit!
This time I had the pleasure to meet a young German football/soccer fan by the name of Paul Schultze from Hannover who had already watched soccer games in 46 different countries, Japan being the latest!

This time unfortunately I had not time to indulge in some of the food offered by the many stands!

The home fans stand where I guided Paul in (he said later he had a very good time in a great atmosphere!)!

The away fans stand!
Not so many but very local! After all, saga Prefecture is a long way off Shizuoka!

Young local soccer players introduction!

It must difficult for the players to ignore the beautiful cheerleaders! LOL

The teams!

Kick off at 13:04

2′ S-Pulse leads the first attack ending with a shot well over the Sanga goal bar.
4′ Free kick for S-Pulse 40 meters form Sanga goal. Corner kick. Barely cleared by Sanga defense! Corner again. Inconclusive.
7′ Corner kick for s-Pulse. wasted away.

8′ Corner again for S-Pulse. wasted away again.
10′ S-Pulse falling back into old habits and playing within a handkerchief.
13′ Dangerous scramble in front of Sanga goal. Kick well over the bar but corner ick again for S-Pulse. heading over the bar.
15′ Dangerous center kick by sanga but well caught by S-Pulse keeper.
18′ Too ambitious shoot by S-pulse well ovr the bar.
22′ GOAL! Shimizu S-Pulse 1 Sanga Tosu 0
Blunder by Sanga defense giving a chance to Tiago Alves to shoot unmarked just from outside the box!
27′ Dangerous center kick by Sana but finally easily caught by S-Pulse keeper.
29′ Free kick for Sanga right of the box. Inconclusive.
20′ Very dangerous two close-range shots by Sanga saved by by beautiful S-Pulse keeper parries.
33′ Coner kick for Sanga. wasted away.
One more corner kick. Greta parry by S-Pulse keeper again!
35′ S-Pulse soaking off pressure.
39′ Free kick outside the box fr S-Pulse.Very dangerous, just over the bar!
41’ Dangerous kick by Sanga!
43′ Free kick just outside S-Pulse box. Inconclusive.
44′ Dangerous From outside the box for Sanga. Poor execution.
55′ + 1′ Free kick from outside the box for S-Pulse. wasted away

Half time: Shimizu S-Pulse 1 Sanga Tosu 0

First half well balanced. Difference made by Thiago Alves’ exploit.
Sanga dangerous on the wings.
S-Pulse still playing inside a handkerchief.

46′ Dangerous kick flying in front of Sanga goal!
47′ No less than 3 errors in a row by S-Pulse defense who is well saved in the end by their goalkeeper!
53′ Game coming alive with both sides trading dangerous counter attacks.
55′ Corner kick wasted by Sanga.

55′ Corner kick for Sanga. wasted.
58′ Very dangerous attack by S-Pulse ending into corner kick. Inconclusive.
62′ Shimizu S-Pulse Tae-Se Jong finds himself alone in front the Sanga keeper after a defense blunder. Dallies too long and sees his poor shot parried into corner kick which wasted away. A 99percent chance to put the game away wasted! Frustration screams from the S-Pulse fans!
67′ Dangerous pressure for Sanga who sees their shot at goal barely missing the left pole!
70′ Dangerous center kick by S-Pulse well caught by Sanga Keeper.
71′ Free kick outside the box for Sanga. Inconclusive.
82′ Heavy pressure by Sanga.

86′ God ball wasted by S-Pulse.
90′ Dangerous heading over the bar by Sanga!
90′ + 2′ Heavy pressure by Sanga.
Corner kick.
Sanga goalkeeper has been playing infield for more than 2 minutes but S-Pulse keeper refuses to take advantage of it (unwritten rule bu\y Japanese goalkeepers)!
90′ + 4′ GOAL! Shimizu S-Pulse 1 Sanga Tosu 1
One more attack on the left wing by Sanga sending the ball behind S-Pulse defense ending up with goal by K. Mizuno assisted by T. Tomiyama!
)0′ + 5′ Full time: Shimizu S-Pulse 1 Sanga Tosu 1

A very frustrating draw for Shimizu S-Pulse who has not won a game home this year yet!
Witnessed for the first time Shimizu S-Pulse fans booing their team out of the ground!
Actually all in all the draw is a fair result.
But S-Pulse will have to play more on their wings instead of playing a predictable game within a handkerchief and take notice that most of the goals conceded were resulting from center kicks around their right flank!

13 Y. Rokutan
5 S. Kamata
3 T. Inukai Substituted
26 H. Futami
25 K. Matsubara
22 T. Edamura Substituted
20 R. Takeuchi
7 M. Musaka yellow card 72′
9 Tae-Se Jong
8 Tiago Alves Substituted
10 R. Shirasaki

45 M. Kakuda Substituted for T. Inukai 71′
30 S. Kaneko Substituted for Tiago Alves 76′
14 G. Notsuda Substituted for T. Edamura 84′

Coach: S. Kobayashi


33 S. Gonda
35 T. Aoki Substituted
13 Yuzo Kobayashi
23 Y. Yoshida
5 Min Hyeok Kim
14 Y. Takahashi
4 R. Harakawa
6 A. Fukuta Substituted
7 D. Kamada
9 Dong-Geon Cho
32 V. Ibarbo Substituted

22 K. Ikeda Substituted for V. Ibarbo 65′
50 K. Mizuno Substituted for A. Fukuta 70′
18 T. Tomiyama Substituted for T. Aoki 88′

Coach: M. Ficcadenti

Referee: M. Tojo
Assistants M. Yamagiwa, B. Ueda
Fourth official: T. Suhara


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